What Vitamins Should I Take?

The question

What Vitamins Should I Take?

…Is top of mind for many consumers. It is no wonder this question is being asked: the vitamin aisles are a confusing and overwhelming place. There is contradictory and sometimes misleading information about dietary supplements in the mass media. Doctors and pharmacists get limited training on dietary supplements in school, and many shy away from discussing the topic in their practice. Consumers are left to implement do-it-yourself (“DIY”)-approaches in online and physical retail stores with hazy guidance.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way. The future of the digital vitamin aisle will incorporate advanced navigation technology that relies on evidence-based studies to help consumers find their ideal personalized vitamin formula. We all have different vitamin needs based on our individual lifestyle traits, such as diet, fitness, and health concerns. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach in vitamin dosing. We need to move away from crude classifications like multivitamins designed for “all women” or “all men.”


Alternative Path

So, for those struggling with the question of “what vitamins should I take?” there is an alternative path that involves personalized vitamins. Vous Vitamin is a personalized vitamin company started by two practicing physicians that set out to develop the honest, perfect-fit vitamin with all-in-one, properly dosed, custom tablets. Dr. Romy Block, a board-certified physician in endocrinology and metabolism medicine, and Dr. Arielle Levitan, a board-certified physician in internal medicine, realized their patients were repeatedly being asked this question of “what vitamins should I take?” and they needed to provide a better response than the typical answers that physicians provide to that question.  They needed a system that did not exist, so they set out to create a next generation vitamin shopping experience at Vous Vitamin that engages the consumer in a conversation about their lifestyle traits through a digital survey, and then uses that data to customize an all-in-one personalized multivitamin for their specific needs.

The solution

Personalized Vitamins

Drs. Romy Block and Arielle Levitan knew from their firsthand medical experience that consumers struggle with multiple pills and that any system that recommended handfuls of vitamins to personalize a daily vitamin regimen would fail to promote long-term adherence. This conviction led the physicians to design their own line of custom, integrated vitamin blends delivered in a single easy-to-swallow pill, taken twice daily as a multivitamin. The personalized daily vitamins from Vous Vitamin are grounded in the leading scientific evidence around what works, and what doesn’t, in dietary supplements. Drs. Romy Block and Arielle Levitan are notable authorities and experts on evidence-based, clinically informed vitamin dosing, as the co-authors of the award-winning book, The Vitamin Solution: Two Doctors Clear the Confusion about Vitamins and Your Health.

The question, “what vitamins should I take?” does not need to elicit stress or a confusing trip to the vitamin aisles of your local retail store. There is a free online survey at Vous Vitamin that will help you navigate to your ideal daily vitamin blend. Consider what a personalized vitamin, developed by doctors and tailored to your individual lifestyle traits, could mean to your long-term health and vitality.

What Vitamins Should You Take?

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